Beyond Calculation

by The Austerity Program

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released June 17, 2014

Recorded by The Austerity Program in November, 2013 at Kerguelen Studio. Mastered by John Golden.



Track Name: Song 30
Did I ever tell you guys
All of you who listen to this band
About the meanest guy that ever is
Or ever was?
‘Bout four feet tall and pale
Known as Jake to his friends
Which means that no one has ever made the
To call him Jake

There’s about a thousand ways
I could demonstrate that he’s poison
Motherfucker creeps around like a human
Fangs and all

(Spitting in the food
Pissing in the pool
Yelling at the blind
Acting like it’s cool
Preying on the weak
He’s fucking cruel)

Did I ever tell you guys
All about Jacob St. Claire?
Absolute evil if there ever was
And there is
Kills the lawn
Freaks the dog
Curdles the milk with a stare from 15 feet
(ad lib)
Until the scumbag comes walking up
And then it’s

Jacob, Jacob
Get the fuck away
But he keeps coming around
But he keeps coming around
You beg him
Plead him
Scream until you bleed

But he keeps coming around
He will keep coming around
There is no love
For you,
Your mom your dad or any of your friends

My name is Jacob
I guess you’ve all heard of me
My reputation does precede
Yet again

I’m not a lying man
I won’t deny what’s been said
All these awful stories that folks repeat
again and again

Oh I’m hated
Always scorned
Always cast away, always pushed aside
Always me again and again

Ever since I was born
I’ve been despised
It’s pain and rejection
Again and again

But I can promise you this
If you’d only give me a chance
Walk with me
Take my hand, I would

Get you
Take you
Burn you and break you
Again and again and again and again and
Track Name: Song 39
Come morning the goddess of vengeance is up
Her daily production:
Typing destruction,
A list of instructions
To Whom It Concerns

Her choosing is always precise
She hits send. It connects
And gets posted to all of the world

And if your name is on it
You'll curse your bad luck of your fate
But that's your mistake - the decision is hers

You go to a tailor
Suit out in your best
Calls to your family
Square up your debts
Stop after Mass to receive your Last Rites
'Cause there's an appointment you're keeping tonight

There's no time for talk and bullshit
There's only time for goodbye
Track Name: Song 33
Swallowing pilings in the harbor
Erasing sand down at the shore
Sealing the airways in the tunnels
The water's rising up

And the reckoning is patient
A total saturation
of field and home

Absent of pity or emotion
The water bleeds across the floor
You can gather what you will in ragged desperation
It doesn't matter when the rain begins to pour

Beyond all calculation
The flood is waiting

I'm singing out across the decades
Strapped to remember what I can
I will sing a warning
Like a beacon in the morning
All accounts are settled when the water takes the land

Like tidal modulation when the moon is full
There is a gravitation to the water's pull
A story of creation running on in reverse
Track Name: Song 32
It’s the only direction

It’s the only direction
That’s real

Lost my home to the bank last year
Drove my car to the white frontier
Tossed my keys away as I shouldered up my pack

And it’s been weeks since I’ve had shit to eat
I’ve been
Pulling grass I am on my knees

Out under the midnight sun
You just open up your arms
To fly away
Track Name: Song 35
Out here on the Spanish Main
You can set yourself up pretty
Once you get a feeling for the land

We bugger the pirates we catch
Kill the Indios like rabbits
Send our scraps back to the kind
And worry
Isn’t anything at all

Rum pours from the sugar cane
And virgins every night


Run the land with your descendants
Plant your seed in fertile soil

I’ll stake
My course
Saddled on an armored horse
Fire coming down from a hill
Fire coming down from a hill

You learn from Mother Nature
To take what you can haul
The lion and the antelope
Don’t bother with a score

You take it from a bastard
Of the likes they’ve never seen
To never underestimate
How murder makes it clear
What you mean

We have set our ships to burning
Tell my sons I’m not returning
They can keep their land and titles
Eunuchs for their Roman idols

I’ll stake
My course
Saddled on an armored horse

Fire coming down from a hill
Fire coming down from a hill
Fire coming down from a hill
Blood pouring down from a mountain
Track Name: Song 36
Carolyn comes back from the bar
She’s not steady but oh
She’s ready to go
She knows that gasoline will settle
What the bourbon never can

Covers the basement and soaks the attic floor.
Kids are with her mother and there
Isn’t any other soul
To see her as she’s coming down the stairs

Take her name out of your phone
Drop her from your list of targets
Cast her file out to the wind
Carolyn won’t answer any more

You can hardly call it living
If you’re only passing time
How you waste what you’ve been given
Years build out of days just slipping by

And you think you’ve seen it all
And you goddam surely know
You’ve seen it all

She leaves her children with a scar
Gone blurry like a pixelated star
They’re too young to remember.

Deep in the night she sets a fire
From floor to roof
It’s billowing down
Burning the dark away to
Beat back those who’ve seen it all
Track Name: Song 37
Tonight I made a vow inside
To keep this home where I’ve been living
To beat back all of those who try
And steal what little I’ve been given
Though I’m told to drop my pride
And leave this fight I’ll never win
They won’t take this place from me
‘cause I’m not ready to go.

Tonight I’m on a lonely ride
To meet a man I’ve never seen
An architect of reasons why
The winner gets to keep on winning
And though his words will pour like wine
To teach me how it has to be
He won’t have his way with me
‘cause I’m not ready to go

Tonight I hold my fingers tight
To all that I’ve been fighting for
‘cause it won’t matter that I’m right
When they come kicking at my door
When the sun gives up its light
To night and rain and freezing wind
They’ll say through their poison teeth
That they won’t quit
But I don’t care
Don’t you put your hands on me
‘Cause I ‘m not ready to go

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