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Song 20 (the River)

by The Austerity Program

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2 Song 7" Recorded in late 2007. Released via Hydra Head Records in 2008 to coincide with our European tour with Isis. (I guess they prefer to be called ISIS.) I don't think there are any more 7"s left for sale.


released April 21, 2008

Recorded by The Austerity Program.
Mastered by Bob Weston at Chicago Mastering Service



Track Name: Song 20
Well I woke up this morning
And went down to the river
And I laid down on the banks
I dipped my hands in the water
And though I found it to be cool
I could not give a word of thanks

'Cause I woke up this morning
And went down to the river
And I feel down on my knees
The banks were filled with children
Coughing up blood and spitting out
Their bellies swollen up
With disease

And when you pray to your god
You tell him that you heard this song
And you remember what I said
I have no love for any god
Who puts a child on this earth
Only to suffer and be dead